Placemat is a piece of cloth or a pad placed on the dining table. Specifically placed just below one’s cutlery or crockery.

The placemats are used for protecting a table from :

– Food strains
– Water or liquid related marks
– Damages by hot objects
– Reduces the noise made when objects placed or rubbed on the table
– Scratches by rubbing objects on the table
– Increase the aesthetic of the furniture
– Improves elegance and life of the furniture
– Easy to wash & replace and in some instances can be washable (depends on the placemats material, please check product description for more information).

Formal Placemats

If we are arranging a sophisticated meal, we should keep in mind the importance of using placemats with a more formal design.

Depending on the formality, you can prioritize plain coloured placemats, rather than the patterned ones.

Informal Placemats

While having a meal with friends or family when its informal occasion, you can use light coloured and patterned placemats for making the environment more friendly.

How To Choose

Select the furniture to decorate or protect by using a placemat.
Analyze the colour, fabric and material that would suit your furniture.
Usually, it’s a good idea to buy the placemats based on the number of chairs in the dining table.
Placemat decision can be either based on the occasion or usage. For variety please visit minorshop.

How to Use

Place them on your furniture as you wish. If you have ordered the formal type placemats then Protect them from Children and carefully use them as listed in their description.
Please check the cleaning instruction.
The Placemats are easy to replace so you cant get fed up of them when you have used a set you can keep it in a cupboard and use any other set and can take out when needed.

For a wide variety of placemats please visit minorshop.

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